Wedding guestbook painting
Spray paint on canvas
40 x 60 inches

The client requested a painting for their wedding that served as the sign-in guestbook. Their names were painted graffiti-style in spray paint on a large canvas. Gold pens were provided to guests to write a name and note in the area around their names.

Wedding guestbook painting (on site)
Spray paint and marker on canvas
40 x 60 inches

This view shows the painting above the table card area in the reception entrance. Guests wrote their names and a congratulatory note in gold pen around the names of the bride and groom.

Flick Portrait 1
oil on panel
4 x 6 inches

A 1:1 scale portrait of a "graffiti flick", or a 4x6 analog film print. These flicks documented ephemeral graffiti artworks and were traded as cherished objects among past generations of graffiti writers.

Flick Portrait 1 - with reference photo
Flick Portrait 1 - pen showing scale
Walt's House, Camden, NJ
oil on canvas
30 x 50 inches

This is a custom painting made for the lounge of the Walt & Whitman Brewery and Coffeehouse in Saratoga Springs, NY. This painting depicts Walt Whitman’s Camden, NJ home and is based on a found photograph from the 1970s showing buildings that have since been restored. The buildings are painted representationally in gray with subtle color, but the painting includes elements of fantasy referring to his belief in Transcendentalism, such as a deep blue sky with milky way stars and a light on in his window. The lights and stars allude to the possibility of rebirth and regeneration.

Walt & Whitman (mural)
spray paint on wall
11 x 13 feet

This is a custom mural made for the lobby entry of the Walt & Whitman Brewery & Coffeehouse in Saratoga Springs, NY. This graffiti mural is based on the cover of the first edition of Leaves of Grass, published in 1855. The cover is bound in a textured green cloth and the title is printed with gold foil letters that have floral elements. It is simultaneously rustic and refined, much like the author.

No title
oil on canvas
18 x 24 inches
acrylic on canvas
3 x 3 inches

Sold at the Tiny Biennale benefit for Temple Rome scholarship, 2019

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